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Cartridge World operates in an environmentally responsible manner and we do everything we can to reduce a cartridge’s carbon footprint. Each year,thousands of non-biodegradable printer cartridges are binned and end up in landfill sites. Some of the plastics used to manufacture cartridges can take up to 1,000 years to decompose, leaving more than enough time for their toxic chemicals to spread into the soil and pollute the environment.

To help reduce the impact of the thousands of cartridges thrown away each year, Cartridge World is encouraging you to think green and refill or remanufacture your empty printer cartridges. Not only will you be saving yourself money but you’ll also be supporting sustainable development for the world’s limited natural resources.

Reduce your carbon footprint

An independent study conducted by innovative sustainability company Best Foot Award, discovered the cartridge remanufacturing process saves approximately 2.5kg of CO2 per cartridge compared to the production of a new cartridg**. The study also goes on to say, “the carbon footprint of remanufactured cartridge is approximately 2.8 kg, which is 2 kg (46%) lower than that for a new cartridge.”

Cartridge World’s refilled inkjet and remanufactured printer cartridges help save the environment but also offer you massive savings. Our premium inks and toners are matched to the original specifications of your cartridge and we assure you the print quality will be as good as new. We even offer a 100% moneyback guarantee if you aren’t happy - that’s how much faith we have in our products.

*An independent study performed by Best Foot Forward and commissioned by the Centre for Remanufacturing and Reuse, 2008 [DOWNLOAD]

  • Fact : It takes about a gallon of oil to make a new laser cartridge.
  • Fact : Almost 8 cartridges are thrown away per second in the United States alone!
  • Fact : Some components made of industrial grade plastics will take over a thousand years to decompose. Every remanufactured cartridge saves nearly 3 and 1/2 pounds of solid waste from being deposited in landfills.
  • Fact : 70% of used printer cartridges throughout the world are currently being thrown out. In one year. If the world's discarded cartridges were stacked end-to-end, they would circle the earth over three times.